Cocoa Bay Comes Together

Queens, Shimokawa — The town of Cocoa Bay gathered at the Community Building on the evening of 5 August 2017 to hear Mayor Jackson Avery speak.

He gave a rousing speech urging the citizens to take a more active role in their community. The Mayor mentioned several departments that were looking to hire more people, to include the Fire Department, Police Department, and even SNews.

Cocoa Bay Community listening intently to Mayor Avery's speech.
Cocoa Bay community shows their support for Mayor Avery.

In addition, suggestions for community events were also offered by the people to help bring everyone together. Among the suggestions was a block party, youth baseball, using part of the elementary school as a high school to allow for older children, and a homework club.

It was also noted that events should be timed according to people’s time zones. AlMe1975 Static said that a poll would be put out to get an accurate count for future planning considerations.

The mayor welcomed the ideas and offered that anyone with additional ideas or who wanted to help could contact Acey Lockehart, the resident Event Manager, to help coordinate efforts.

Overall the crowd and the Mayor seemed hopeful that the small town of Cocoa Bay could be turned into a bustling community that everyone could enjoy.


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