Good living in Cocoa Bay

Trenches, Cocoa Bay — If you haven’t been downtown in a while, you might want to go take a day trip to see the newly constructed role play apartments. Located on Main Street, these gorgeous five story walk-ups will have you considering a move.


Each apartment is available, free of charge, to residents who are willing to role play for six hours a week. Included is an open floor plan with a single bathroom. While the walls are currently a neutral white color, they could easily be changed to suit anyone’s tastes. There is even roof top access with an amazing view of the city.

For the entrepreneur there is even a store front available on the first floor that you can rent. Who wouldn’t want to live free above where they work? The easiest commute you will ever have.

Close to all the amenities you could ever want, these apartments are perfect for those looking to live in Cocoa Bay,Inside but without the suburban atmosphere. Within walking distance is a gym, donut shop, pizza place, and the fire department.

Not sure how to fulfill those RP requirements? Several job openings are available on the Cocoa Bay website. Just fill out an application and become an active member of the community. Or choose a different path, the possibilities are endless.

Interested parties should contact Ysa M. Mayako for further details.

Don’t wait! These apartments will be going fast.

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