In Loving Memory of Haley

Jackson Avery sings live in front of his daughter’s memorial.

It was a very emotional day today at 1 Ocean Drive, Aloha Village as Jackson Avery sang live in loving memory of his (real life) daughter, Haley, who passed away 11 years ago at 5 years old. Residents of the community and his family gathered in the back yard of the household around Haley’s memorial as Avery spoke about how much he misses her. The last song included Avery and Avery’s nephew as an ending to the night.

Haley’s Memorial

Our community is very thankful for being invited to such a touching and intimate performance. Words can never remove the pain, but thoughts, prayers and well-wishes are to you and your family. Community is about being there for each other and we are all here for you.

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