Minor found living in squalor under bridge

Concerned resident, Cain D’Urden, saw smoke and the glow of a fire coming from under the bridge near the Firestation on Wednesday the 5th of May. Mr D’Urden says he ‘had to check what was burning and found this situation’, which was a thrown away old sofa, some boxes and what looked like an old refrigerator box being used as a bed with some dirty old newspapers inside it.

Site found under bridge by resident Cain D’Urden

The young boy, who appeared to be no older than 11 and says his name is Jordy, claims his parents know he is squatting in the shadows of the bridge and claimed “my parents like to know whats kinda happening here before they move here” so they sent him, on his own, to live and decide if the neighbourhood was a place they might move to.

Mr D’Urden says he has filed a report with the police but they have yet to put forth any action.  The Chief of police was unable to be contacted, a the time, for a statement.

The cardboard box the minor has been using as a bed for at least a week

A young boy from the neighbourhood, whose name has not been released due to being a minor and not having a parent present for consent, claims to have stumbled upon the squatter a week prior, whilst out riding his bike.

The young boy who stumbled upon the squatter a week earlier

Jordy, if that is his real name, claims to have seen “this old dude… rambling about the town the other day and talked a load of nonsense”.  Did this mystery man help the young boy with the heavy items he had pulled under the bridge to live with?  Where is this man from and who is he?  Before any more information could be retrieved Jordy ran off and out of sight.

Cocoa Bay Snews is awaiting a statement from police and are desperately seeking the parents of the minor who claims be called Jordy.  If you have any information please come forward.

‘Jordy’. Do you know this boy or his parents?

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