Pandas Vandalise Home of Bandits

On the afternoon of April 27th Miss Arora Zanzibar, photography teacher at Rockland Elementary, was heading to her classroom to collect some homework notes when she spotted two young girls in Pleasant Shore Elementary uniforms run giggling from the back entrance of the school.  Not thinking anything of it at first she opened the entrance doors to the school and was faced with a gruesome green substance all over the roof and floors.

Front Entrance covered in slime

Realising that the girls must have been there to vandalise Miss Zanzibar immediately got her cellphone out and took photos through the windows of the classrooms where she could see damage, not knowing if the substance was toxic or not and not wanting to endanger herself by walking inside.

Flooded bathrooms spilling into hallway

Passerby, and local leadfoot hooligan, Leo Sandman happened to drive by the school and notice Miss Zanzibar standing out front so stopped to see what the issue was.  He agreed the substance looked suspicious and immediately called for the chief of police and fire brigade to come check the scene while Miss Zanzibar called and left a message for the Principal of the Pleasant Shore Elementary alerting to her what she had seen.

Photography class littered with stuffed pandas

During the phone calls Mr Sandman spotted a young girl hiding behind the Rockland Elementary school sign and asked her to come out of hiding.  Miss Zanzibar instantly recognised her as one of the girls who fled the scene just moments prior.

Police and Fire Officers arrive on scene

The young girl identified herself as Cindy May from Cedar Creek, a student at Pleasant Shore Elementary and was shortly joined by a young blonde girl Miss Zanzibar recognised as her accomplice, but her name was never recorded.  Both girls claim that the damage done to Rockland Elementary “was revenge for this school (Rockland Elementary) flooding our bathrooms”.

Police block entrance to school until cleared

Both Miss Zanzibar and Mr Sandman questioned the girls about this revenge and the apparent vandalism on their school by Rockland Elementary students but the girls offered no proof.  Simply stating “we got pictures for proof….and a video”.

Fire Brigade investigate substance for health concerns

Rockland County Police Department Sergeant Krysten arrived on scene and began taking statements as the Fire Brigade Officers Zen and Honeylove Greywolf arrived to check if the school was Toxic.  After a check through the school by the fire brigade it was given the all clear as not toxic, Officer Greywolf stating “you have been slimed”.

Chalkboard graffiti


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