Pyromaniacs or Gas Leaks?

There have been a spate of fires across Cocoa Bay over the past few weeks.  Is this the work of a pyromaniac setting fires for their own kicks or are their gas leaks that public works is struggling to keep in check?  Dunkin Donuts on Main Street was the first of many.  Chief Jarred Hutton of the Rockland County Fire Department stated “the fire was located in the ceiling and had spread to the seating / dining area. Major damage was sustained to the ceiling, crews where on scene for approx 45 mins. No Injuries or accidents where reported or found at the scene.”

Just a few short days later the apartment buildings across the street caught fire.  The Fire crew raced to the scene fast but had trouble keeping the blaze under control with flames billowing from the ground floor windows and setting light to the upstairs rooms and roof.

This past week there has been more fires reported followed by an unusual amount of public works service trucks along the roads.  When Public Works was contacted to see if there were reported gas leaks in the area which were causing the fires they denied making a statement.


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