Stunning Family Home – 104 Rocky Rd, Lost Stars

The front of this modern family home

This home has a very stylish, modern layout with plenty of rooms and space.

The living area

Most rooms in this house are very spacious and perfect for a growing family.

Pool looking out on to the Cocoa Bay waters

This house has a luxurious swimming pool out back which is easily accessed from the lower floor of the house.

Lovely staircase which leads to the lower and upper floors of the house

This house has 3 floors, the middle floor is where the kitchen, living areas and other rooms perfect for a study and a playroom. The upper floor is where the master bedroom is and it has a lovely balcony looking down on to the living area. The bottom floor has plenty of rooms to make into lovely spacious bedrooms for kids or even guest rooms.

The separated garage that can hold multiple cars

The house has a separate garage off to the side which is very spacious which can hold more than one car, perfect for families.

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